TotalTrust, LLC

Providing exceptional administration today & planning for your benefits tomorrow!

Our organization is driven on the value of providing the highest level and quality of service to your participants. 

Why TotalTrust?

The TotalTrust, LLC constantly strives to be a leader in third-party administration with cutting edge technology, knowledgeable staff, financial prudence, and commitment.

We are the 2nd largest UFCW retirement fund and within the top 500 largest retirement funds in the US managing over $4.2 billion dollars in assets.

TotalTrust is committed to excellent administration and accountability backed by its proven track record managing the Northern California UFCW Wholesale Health & Welfare Fund and the TotalTrust Retirement Fund!

Trustee Testimonial

The transition of N. CA Butchers Wholesale Health Trust to the UFCW & Employers Trust, LLC, just a couple of years ago has been exemplary in every possible way.

Rosemary Mucklow

Co-Chair, N. CA Butchers Health Trust



Participants served









Years in business

For Participants

TotalTrust, LLC has been serving Members and their families for several years. Our vision statement is “Working for your benefit today and planning for your tomorrow”.

For Employers

TotalTrust, LLC has been bridging the relationship between Employers, Unions, and Members to ensure we meet the needs of those we serve.

For Providers

TotalTrust, LLC appreciates and respects the relationship it has with its valued Providers. Our core value of Integrity states, “We will conduct our business with honesty, adhering to moral and ethical principles.”

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